Welcome to Blue Bell

Blue Bell today is the leading cattery in Ukraine for Russian Blue. The Champion of the World Ladena Blue Bell have been born here. This is the first Champion of the World among Russian Blues in Ukraine.

We are fall in love with Russian Blue for 10 years already. All began from our first cat Anais. She charm us her easy personality, self-respecting, cleanliness and friendliness. Every cat have personality but common for all of them are sociability,  goodwill and understanding existing home order. Except cats we have a dog, a guinea pig,  a parrot but everybody have good relationships with other pets.

Care about Russian Blues is easy as they have have strong health and coat is nice all the year.   

Some beautiful cats have been bourn in our cattery 

         Leopold Blue Bell - inter champion, live in Kiev

         Sofiya Kiyevskaya - live in New-York, USA, recognized by CFA

         Silver Russian Prince - live in Frankfurt, Germany

         Flint Blue Bell - FiFe champion, best in breed, live in Kiev

         Feniks Blue Bell -FiFe champion, live in Poland

         Finesse Flue Bell - WCF champion, live in Kiev

         Tess Shantal Blue Bell - WCF champion, live in Kiev

Our kittens have excellent form. It help them win easily all shows. We do not keep cats in cages. All kittens have pedigree and all necessary vaccines. The new owner could receive 3 month old kitten. 


This is a unique bread. We are still admire them.

 We live together with


         Ladena Blue Bell

         Terry Taylor Blue Bell

         Bayun Blue Bell

         Barby Blue Bell

WE HAVE BEAUTIFUL KITTENS NOW! Call us! We will be happy to answer.

Our phone/fax in Kiev +380 44 452-12-59


We could send a kitten via plane with all necessary papers